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Journal templates and automatic invoicing helps ensure the operation of Sportsmassage4000

Potrait of the founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000
“Online Booking makes sure that my clients don’t find another place to train, because they can easily see which times I have available. Besides that, those who used to call to book an appointment can now do their bookings from the comfort of their own home.” 
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A stone's throw outside Roskilde in idyllic surroundings where the leaves rustle in the trees, we find Sportsmassage4000. If you are looking for a massage, a tough bout of personal training or dietary guidance, then you have come to the right place. With this wide range of skills, Gert Touvdal Larsen offers a solid all round check of your health, and if you dare to train with him he will put your physique to the test. As a former banker, Gert has really switched things up, and now he is enjoying his daily life in the clinic where he helps his clients reach their goals.

Automation leading the way

Being a clinic owner, as well as having a clinic packed with clients, Gert has plenty of balls in the air so for him his calendar is alpha omega. For Gert, it’s not possible to receive bookings manually while at the same time flipping tractor tires in the parking lot with clients. Therefore, EasyPractice handles online booking at Sportsmassage4000, which ensures easy and user-friendly booking for Gert and his clients. After clients have browsed the website and found a time that suits them, Gert receives a notification in EasyPractice and by email. The appointment can be viewed in the calendar immediately after a booking is made.

“I used to work in a bank before, but could feel that I wanted something different. And there was a lot of stress at work, so I thought about what I wanted to do, and the answer was that it had something to do with people. To help.”

Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 providing treatment to a patient. Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 sitting in front of his desk and using EasyPractice. Sports massage therapist Gert Touvdal Larsen in front of his practice Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 sitting in front of his desk and using EasyPractice. Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 using a stretch band.

Functions and Apps

Working as a sports massage therapist means that you do not want to be organising appointments all the time when you could be helping your clients more directly. Online Booking means that Gert keeps all his clients because they can easily see when he is available and can book a time that suits them, leaving Gert with time to spend on his clients.

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Online Booking

Set up Online Booking right away so your clients can book an appointment directly into your calendar. I will provide you the freedom to focus on improving your treatments you offer to your clients.

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Many competencies - many features

Specializing in injuries, nutrition and health, positive psychology counseling, de-stressing and acupuncture, the clinic in Roskilde is appealing to a wide range of clients. This means that services and journaling must be tailored to suit each individual client. With EasyPractice, it is possible for Gert to:

  • Have an easy overview of accounting with the invoice feature.
  • Create Vouchers for clients.
  • Sell gift cards to clients.
  • Create countless journal templates that can be easily accessed when writing the journal.

On top of this, Gert doesn’t have to worry about safety. All sensitive personal data is encrypted and stored securely on Danish servers with regular backups.

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Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 in front of a anatomy billboard and explaining it.

“I can keep track of which customers arrive, and when my opening hours are. I can change opening hours and close for certain hours if I have to do something else one day. EasyPractice is a simple programme that provides tools in everyday life to keep track of work. Besides that, it also works well on mobile devices.”
Founder Gert Touvdal Larsen of Sportsmassage4000 sitting in front of his desk and using EasyPractice.
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In our vast country, access to high psychological expertise can be difficult, especially in sparsely populated areas. We want to do something about this.

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