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Camilla Hahn
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Today – we’re really happy to announce that we’ve decided to join forces with Nordhealth.

We founded EasyPractice ~8 years ago and we’ve loved every up and down this journey has given us ever since. We have been lucky to find and hire brilliant people all around the world that share these core values with us. For that, we are truly grateful!

In the last couple of years, our market has seen quite a bit of consolidation and especially the pandemic has put a lot of focus on health tech and systems like EasyPractice.

For this reason, we’ve been receiving emails from competitors and other actors from our industry on a monthly basis. We’ve declined all merger- and acquisition interest, but we also know that it’s important we maintain a very strong foundation in our business so we can keep building great products and improving our services.

Making sure EasyPractice is as best as it can be for our customers is the highest priority!

Together with Nordhealth, we can make EasyPractice even better

As of today – we’re officially part of Nordhealth and we couldn’t be happier. It’s been a very long journey and we’ve considered our options carefully. It’s extremely important to us that our customers and staff (and ourselves) will remain and that we can continue on our mission to be the best provider.

It’s been very difficult to decide what to do but we’re certain that this new step for the business is a great opportunity for us all. Nordhealth has values and culture that align with our own, and we share the same vision for the future.

We know there might be some questions in relation to this, and as usual, you’re very welcome to write us at [email protected] with any questions you might have. We have, however, already gathered a list of questions and answers that we think are of interest.

? Who is going to be running EasyPractice now?

The same people as before. Nothing will change in our team(s) at all.

? Will anything change for me as a customer?

No, EasyPractice will continue to be run by the same people with the same goal: Create great products and experiences that our customers love.

? Is my data safe?

Yes, EasyPractice will run on the same servers and the same setup as we’ve always done. Nothing changes.

?‍♂️ Will I – as a customer – need to do anything in this regard?

No, nothing changes for you or your data. We are just here to share the great news!

?‍⚕️ Who is Nordhealth?

Nordhealth is a Nordic healthcare software company that builds software for primarily Nordic veterinary and therapy clinics. Nordhealth is publicly-listed in Norway. Nordhealth was originally founded in Finland by Janne Huttunen, who remains on board today. It was acquired in 2018 by Charles MacBain who is now the CEO and one of the large shareholders. Going forward EasyPractice will join the Nordhealth group, even though we’ll keep our name.

?‍♀️ Why do you think Nordhealth is a great fit?

It’s the little things. Charles (the CEO of Nordhealth) really cares about his staff and his customers. We’ve received interest from businesses who were just interested in growth and money – but we really feel and believe that Nordhealth is a company that takes really good care of its customers and staff. This is extremely important to us. 

We know that we (EasyPractice) have had a very special way of running things, given that we’re fully remote and extremely focused on our product. The majority of our competitors do not share this way of working and they also do not share the strong product focus. Nordhealth, however, has shown interest in us exactly because of this. They also work remotely and they have a very strong product focus in the core of their business. They even work with the same technologies as us.

We fully believe Nordhealth is a modern SaaS-based company that allows us to work with the tools and processes we love and have loved for long. They also didn’t get scared when we told them we don’t want to wear suits and work from cubicles. 

? What will the role of EasyPractice be in this new setup with Nordhealth?

Nordhealth already has a lot of clinics as customers around the world. They typically work with larger clinics, hospitals, and such and they are really good at this. We’ll join Nordhealth as the first “self-service” based product in the group. Nordhealth is hoping that we can help the other businesses in the group with building a self-service based sales approach (product led) like ours.

We’re really excited about the future, and we look forward to working on and improving EasyPractice together with Nordhealth 🙂

Written by Bo & Emil, founders of EasyPractice

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