Use payment online for a secure and easy method to transfer money without having to do bank transfers. Paypal is popular with many individuals and businesses who want to take payments in a simple way.

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Why use PayPal?

When you use PayPal, your clients can send money to you directly with just your mobile number or email address. You can set up an account quickly and be sure that your payments are secure with this world-wide trusted payment solution. With no set-up or monthly fee, you can relax about payments.

It’s a Secure Means Of Payment – PayPal users are safeguarded against any form of online theft and irregularities. PayPal encrypts the end-users because it has access to all the customers’ data, and the data is updated frequently. Servers are entitled to check your browser and ensure that your details are up to date with their system.

A great benefit of online payment is that there is no waiting time for your clients to pay you. If they pay when they book, you do not have to chase them after appointments as you know they can never forget to pay or take too long. PayPal is also secure with its seller protection as the company is sure to support both sides of a transaction. PayPal grows with you so if you are a small business, there is only a low fee for taking payments with Paypal.

If you already use PayPal to take payments at your practice then an integration with EasyPractice be an option for you. Otherwise, you can use EasyPractice’s very own payment system, EasyPay, or whichever other payment system you prefer.

PayPal and EasyPractice

We always want to ensure that EasyPractice works for you. If integration with PayPal is something you're after, don't hesitate to tell us. We are always eager to hear what you think!

In the meantime, why not try EasyPay? EasyPay is our own payment solution which many of our users find very useful. It is an integration with Stripe and, as the name suggests, it's easy to use. Unlike PayPal, it is also simpler regarding payment because of its transparent pricing. With EasyPay, you always pay the same price: 2.9% + £0.22 per transaction. EasyPay has no monthly subscription fee and no binding period.

Maybe one of our other integrations for example MailChimp or Facebook Login is interesting to you? You can see all of our available integrations on our Integration website!

Do you already have an EasyPractice account? If you do, you can get started using EasyPay now by going to the Apps menu. If not, get free access below and start using all the features we offer today!

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