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When you take bookings through Facebook, it makes a lot of sense to integrate them directly with EasyPractice. Continue to communicate with your clients through social media to ensure you never miss a booking!

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How Facebook bookings can be used with EasyPractice

If your clients find you on Facebook, they may want to make bookings straight away, there and then. Why not let them do this and then integrate your Facebook account with EasyPractice so that you can transfer bookings across without having to redirect your clients anywhere else before securing their bookings? Use one of the most used social media platforms to your advantage.

So many people use Facebook that this has become a place where businesses and practices can advertise, spread the good work about themselves, get reviews and communicate with their clients. Some of our users even choose to take bookings this way as it is the simplest way for their clients to be converted from interested people to actual bookings! Input these bookings directly into your EasyPractice calendar when you integrate the two.

Integrate Facebook

To integrate Facebook into EasyPractice, you need to install the Zapier app in the EasyPractice system. Not only will it allow you to connect Facebook to EasyPractice, but here you will also find thousands of other integrations.

Zapier is an app which lets you connect with many other apps so once you get started, you will find many other ways to connect your work practices and make everything fit together. To get started, go to Apps in the top menu bar in your EasyPractice account, scroll down to "Advanced" and click "Activate" for Zapier. Then you will be guided through the set up and settings and you can easily get using Facebook bookings.

If you do not yet have an EasyPractice account, sign up for free access below and begin making your work simpler today! You can activate Zapier right away and you can also explore the many more integrations and apps we offer.

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