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When you work in healthcare, you need to cover a lot of administration. Our online patient booking system can help you to run and manage your your day, taking care of all admin. Whether you need to take bookings, hold healthcare appointments or send invoices, EasyPractice can help! Whatever your role in the world of healthcare, we’ve got you covered.

What you need to work in healthcare

What you need to work in healthcare

Working in healthcare means keeping your clients up to date. We have a huge number of ways for you to communicate with your clients, securely and automatically, depending on how you work.

  • Encrypted messaging with clients
  • Free email and SMS reminders
  • Messaging automation including follow-up messages
  • Surveys to get valuable feedback from clients
  • Secure sending of invoices

An intuitive and easy to use system

Keep your workday healthy too! With the most intuitive system developed for you working in healthcare, you can get your work done without any hassle.

  • Your own online booking form so clients can book through an online appointment scheduler
  • A Journal system to keep all of your patient notes in one place
  • Multiple calendars for different employees and locations
  • Online Courses for when you aren’t working in realtime
  • Waiting Lists to avoid no-shows and cancellations
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From day 1, I was surprised just how simple and easy it is to use EasyPractice. This is also the feedback I get from clients. It’s a super nice program with many possibilities – it’s perfect for me. I offer both treatments, workshops and lectures, so it’s great to have everything combined in one system. I can only give my warmest recommendations.

Doctoral Cert. Masseuse

Spend time with clients, not with paperwork

You'll be surprised how much time you can save when you allow EasyPractice to automate your work processes. From creating invoices to sending reminders, you can save time with automations.

  • Taking bookings online means more time with clients
  • Automatic and free email and SMS reminders for your clients
  • Don't waste time with paper notes when you can use a specially designed journal function

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