Getting started with MailChimp: how to import your clients from EasyPractice

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Hi everybody,

I have tried to make an image guide on how to import your clients to MailChimp when making a newsletter. ????

When you are logged in to the front page, you start by clicking on “Lists”.

and then “Create List”

Here you fill out the “list details” and press “Save” at the bottom.

After creating the list, you have to import your clients from EasyPractice to MailChimp. Here you start by clicking on “Add Contacts” –> “Import Contacts”.

And then “Next”

Now you have to login to your EasyPractice user account, and export a CVS file with your client’s e-mail addresses.

Here you go to “Settings” –> “Import/Export” –> “Export list”.

Then you return to MailChimp and import the CSV file and click “Next”.

Once the list is imported, you will be asked to define / match the different columns, such as name, mail, address. Once you have defined relevant columns, click “Skip All” and the remaining undefined columns will be removed from the list.

Then you click on “Next”

And then “Import”

Here you can see your newly created list and information about the clients that have been added to the list. If you click on “List”, you will return to the overview of your created lists.

Now the list is ready to be added to your newsletter and sent to your clients.

I hope this guide will find you useful, and if you have any questions please send me a mail at [email protected] ????


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