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Your calendar is one of your most important tools as a practitioner. This is where you can ensure that you are organised and your calendar appointments are often the first place to look if you want an overview of specific clients. Therefore, it is important that you can get a quick overview of your appointments when you look back in your calendar. This is where the Appointment Status app helps you!

  • Check the status of your appointments in your calendar
  • Choose from several different statuses for each appointment
  • Different icons for each status, displayed clearly in your calendar

Choose from different statuses

Once you have enabled the app, in settings you can select different statuses that you want as options. Then you can choose from the statuses you have activated when you click on your appointments in the calendar. This way you can mark, among other things, if a client has not shown up to the appointment or if the appointment is in progress. You can also add custom statuses so you can adapt the app to suit your business. You can read more about it in our blog post on the Appointment App.

Appointment Status calendar

Small, clear icons make it easy to form an overview

When you select the status of an appointment in your calendar, you will be able to see the status when you click on the appointment and as an icon on the appointment in the calendar. This way, you can easily skim the week's appointments, and see immediately which appointments are completed, if clients did not show up and much more. If you need help with setting it up - visit our Help Centre.

Appointment Status image

Easy to remember details of your appointments

Sometimes it can be hard to remember details of specific appointments. During a busy day, you meet many people and there is a risk of appointments blending together. Or maybe you have a client coming up and it is difficult to distinguish between the different appointments in your memory. To help yourself out, you can enable Appointment Status and give yourself a little hint as you look at each appointment in the calendar.

Appointment Status calendar

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